15 August, 2011

coffee break, warm and cold

not much time with coffee recently, just some products shots taken recently with warm and cold theme

all the goodness from these fresh eggs @ AF-S 24-70 f2,8G

metallic frame @ AF-S 105 f2,8G

26 July, 2011

Coffee break, blue magpie

a surprise encounter with the formosan blue magpie (aka mountain lady) at 1000m above sea levels, glad that i had carry the handy AFS70-300 along during a very hot and rainy hike in tatun mountain in taiwan.

snack time


from Fotopedia
"...The Formosan Blue Magpie or the "long-tailed mountain lady" a member of the Crow family. It is an endemic species living in the mountains of Taiwan at elevations of 300 to 1200m....In 2007 National Bird Voting Campaign held by Taiwan International Birding Association, the Formosan Blue Magpie was chosen as Taiwan's national bird..."

21 July, 2011

Coffee Break - Manual Focusing with Carl Zeiss Lenses

a simple tutorial video on how to do manual focusing from the new Carl Zeiss blog, imho, just seeing the object to slowly come into focus via the viewfinder while turning the smooth and precisely engineered focusing ring of these lenses is already an enjoying photographing experiences...

08 July, 2011

coffee break, project 114°

okinawa's dawn, noon, dust & night via the ultrawide AF-S14-24G lens 114° viewing angle


07 July, 2011

coffee break - project ii colour, jiufen taiwan

jiufen / 九份 in northern taiwan, used to be small mining hilly town, but has become a big tourist spot recently, because its poetic and nostalgic environment has made it the setting for several great movies, including the 1989 hong kong movie "a city of sadness / 悲情城市", the 2007 japanese movie "listen to the wind / 風を聴く" and also has inspired the 2001 famous anime movie "spirited away / 千と千尋の神隠" directed by hayao miyazaki / 宮崎 駿.

taken by Carl Zeiss Makro Planar T* 2/50 ZF.2 on a very hot and damp hot summer day
feel free to share and vote for this photo on fotopedia.com 

feel free to share and vote for this photo on fotopedia.com