16 March, 2011

Coffee Quest #4.1 - Mana Coffee / マナコーヒー, Tokyo

(Continue from part 4.0) Looking beyond the counter, is the Fuji Royal coffee roaster Aoiki san uses, and next to that is one of his guitars, other than a professional coffee roaster, Aoiki san is also a Jazz musician performing live in a Jazz band in Tokyo (including Tokyo Disney Resorts!).

On top of playing with his band, Aoiki san also produces Jazz CDs (performed by Tony Suggs) which are also available in Mana coffee, although i'm not a big Jazz fans, but i really enjoy the music as much as the coffee, especially “Ballad for MANA” - the tone is just beautiful!

In another corner in Mana coffee shop are some beautiful handcrafts made by Mrs Aoiki using the burlap coffee sacks, cute and green. 

Here, I’ve found that fresh organic coffee is best enjoyed at a friend’s place just like in Mana coffee! 

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