11 March, 2011

Coffee Quest #4.0 - Mana Coffee / マナコーヒー, Tokyo

In Tokyo, what to do when you need freshly roasted organic coffee beans, a friendly conversation in English and a bit of jazz? In Nerima-Ku / 練馬区 in West Tokyo, I’ve found Mana Coffee / マナコーヒー and met the super friendly coffee roaster, jazz musician and English teacher Mr Aoiki / 青木.

Mana Coffee is a coffee bean only shop, there they serve coffee only for tasting, but Aoiki san was so friendly and has kindly brewed me a cup of his special organic blend, and we’ve chatted about travels, business, jazz and of course about coffee for hours!
Aoiki san has been in the coffee business for more than 10 years, he selects, blends and roasts the coffee in Mana. On top of his expert view in coffee roasting and brewing, Aoiki san is also very keen on the coffee eco-activities, most of his coffee selections are organic and are from traceable coffee farms, he has also visited some of the coffee farms as a member of the Rainforest Alliance too.

The medium roasted Smooth Blend organic coffee is fairly lightly bodied with a refreshing touch of sweet nutty favour, as Aoiki san said, compare with stronger coffee, a lighter blend can be enjoyed cup after cup just like green tea, i cannot agree more after a few cups over our conversations…(Continue in part 4.1)

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